Monday, March 27, 2006


There is no need to repeat that we are all responsible of our future. Because when we were kids, our parents, relatives and teachers were there to show us how to make a difference on what is good and bad for our lives. It was necessary to us to learn so at this stage. Yet, they have done and accomplished their wonderful task and they are retired. Now we become mature and we are able to critically analyze the reality of world, let make and create a better world for us and other. This can be possible if we can have good, creative, realistic ideas that can transform ourselves, our family, community, society and then country, continent and world. Do not only wait from our governments or other. Thus, let take initiative and make our lives better as we can. We have all the capacities and abilities to reach that goal. Let us use our mind (brain) at any good opportunity to build our future. Because it seems to be a wasting of time if we just stay and look and/or wait from selfish governments and other instead of being self-motivated, ambitious and creative person. Let take and measure risks in our initiative and then make a difference.