Thursday, August 16, 2007

Let's Fight Poverty this October 17th.

Each single year, we celebrate International Day Against Poverty. This event or day is October 17th. Living in a very challenging world, where each and every day, peoples are standing up against corruption and injustice for being core sources of States collapse, social inequality and poverty.
When in 2000, world’s leaders agreed to end up with poverty; this ‘god’ news was seen as a possible new born world. Unfortunately, the Millennium Development Goals continue to be unrealistic, as consequences of continual states mismanagement, civil war, human trafficking activities, terrorism, refugees, hunger (food shortages), poverty and etc (not only in Africa but also in other third world countries). Therefore, we think it is more than important to stand up and act in order to bring positive changes to all above mentioned crises. For the coming October 17th, we are planning many actions with the purpose of pushing states decisions-makers and executives to work for a better world for all.
All these considered, we believe that tomorrow will be bright for our nations and peoples. But, let be always hand in hand for fighting injustice, inequality and poverty in order to build our societies where freedom, peace, justice, food security, harmony, opportunities and so on will be guaranteed to all our brothers and sisters.
What will be your contribution to that event? Are you ready to be part of the event? Are willing to join us and together fight poverty? Stand up and act now, do not delay.