Friday, April 07, 2006

From Myth to Reality: The D.R.C's Transition Process

In its launching, the political transition process in the D.R. Congo was like a myth. Many people were pessimists than optimistic. Yet, the progress reaches in the process seems surprising. Yes, the Congolese people will vote and democratically elect their political leaders very soon. Let say that it was with passion and impatience that the people of the D.R. Congo were waiting the Election Day. Therefore, they wanted to see and calling upon a successful and peaceful end of transition process as they were involved in the process for to bring new hope in the country future. Though, political awareness, consciousness of the country situation became their centre of interest. Today, as one, they want to show that they are capable to bring peace and political stability in their country and to put an end to all the political cleavages which do not allow the country to develop through the elections. Consequently, there were popular referendum election, adoption and promulgation of the new constitution and finally the adoption and promulgation of electoral laws or regulations.
But, there is a big need to recognize the effort of the international community. Its contribution was and is still huge and important for a peaceful transition end. The international community commitment and involvement in the DRC’s political transition was and is effective. Its determination is to witness a new political order in the DRC through free, fair, and democratic elections.
However, certain analysts of the policy of the DRC think that this process might fail if the leaders of the transition do not find solutions adequate with these problems: Political conflict, improvement of the economy, nationality issue, the army integration, infrastructure, and others. In fact, we recognize that there are actually political conflicts between the leaders of the transition especially in the Parliament today. Because some MPs have to leave the Parliament ass they no long belong to the ‘Composante’ or the ‘Entité’ which entrusts them this responsibility. Therefore, this needs a specific attention in order to prevent eventual conflict. Additionally, certain parties think until present their interests are not preserved and according to them, it is necessary to renegotiate, by the way. This situation seems, with the fact, to blaming the ‘Accord global and inclusif’ and even the constitution of the transition. From where, in particularly think that it would be better that these parties, especially RDC-Goma, do not seek to benefit from the patience of the population to try to block the road to the process of transition. Because, the population knows that this above mentioned party still does not show its national and patriotic character. In addition, the Army problem must be solved for strengthening the State authority in national territory. That will help the independent electoral commission to successfully do and accomplish its mission.